Kisarazu circuit

Kisarazu circuit

Outside Mall SERVICE/ Circuit /

From 9:00 to 21:00 ※The last reception 20:30


It is impossible of companion

Outstanding bodily sensation speed! Feeling is already racing driver!
We can experience sense of speed not to be able to taste in usual times.

Rental cart ride standard

※ Rental cart ride standard
・Adult cart gasoline-powered car: 140cm tall and 12 years old or older
・2-crew cart, driver's seat: The driver's license holder for more than 140cm tall and 20 years old or older and public road
・Passenger seat: More than primary schoolchild (when there is more than 110cm tall, it is desirable))
・Teen's cart: More than more than primary schoolchild and 115cm tall
※ Special License is unnecessary! We can get on if we meet ride standard!
Helmet, Grove, Shoes are rented free.

  Because rental Shoes is limited, we recommend shoes. (as for the footwear which does not stop of heel, impossible of ride)

※ In the case of the purchase, we sell face Masks for 300 yen/piece.
※ We may have to cancel business by weather including rainy weather.
※ We may not run change of time by course reservations. Please refer beforehand.
※I decline the use of one using drunk one, one, drug become pregnant.

Among electric Kids Cart sales where protector can ride with from around 2 years old♪
Rate: 500 yen (six minutes) business day: Irregular place: Special course in AEON MALL
※It becomes Reception, run with special course in AEON MALL.
※Please refer to schedule of [official website] about business day
※It is from 10:00 to 16:00 at time. (there is change by the situation)

Rental cart run rate

First sign-in charges 200 yen (essential)
We issue member member's card for many years. (only as for the electric Kids Cart, unnecessary registration)
Reissue: 500 yen (when we are lost and forget)
Please be careful not to forget on arrival.

News from circuit
We appreciate your always using Kisarazu circuit.
We progressed to introduce [accident insurance] that always had request.
With it, we revise rate as follows from January 1, 2017.
We are really selfish, but I would like understanding and cooperation.
※It becomes all amount of money including tax-included premium.
[run rate]
●Adult rental 1,900 yen
●Woman rental 1,600 yen
●Teen's rental 1,300 yen
●2-crew rental 2,900 yen
●Adult rental (13 pieces ticket) 20,800 yen
●Adult rental (six pieces ticket) 10,400 yen
●Adult rental (three pieces ticket) 5,300 yen
●Woman rental (four pieces ticket) 5,400 yen
●Teen's rental (six pieces ticket) 6,600 yen
●Training early in the morning, yoru profit errand limit ticket 5,300 yen
●Lace pack 6,300 yen

We can see indoor view from this
Indoor view Kisarazu circuit

AEON MALL Member's Card Shopping ticket useing available store

List of AEON MALL shopping ticket useing available store

In the case of the use, please confirm the following instructions.

※Please confirm whether you are listed with "AEON MALL Kisarazu".
※Thing of other Mall is not available.
※Face of a bill is "100 yen" "300 yen" "500 yen". We cannot do revenge of change.
※It is available in period in "expiration date". Purchase ticket which cut of expiration date is not available. In addition, please be careful as it is one month from issue date on expiration date.

We check other participation shop